Member benefits


EBSCO approach,
Buying books by UACS prices,
Approach towards Harvard Business Cases,
At least two social events per year (luncheons),
At least one party per year,
Get involved into charity activities,
5% discount for family members who want to enroll at UACS,
30% discount for the Exec Ed program,
Career  opportunities,
Internship opportunities, 
Professional Networking Events,
Assistance for Master Thesis preparation,
Lifelong learning,
Continuous Professional Development ,
Knowledge Base,
On-line directory of UACS alumni members,
Experience Sharing.

The moment you become an UACS Alumni, the E-Mail forwarding service will award you with an UACS based e-mail address, which will forward email to your current email account and you will benefit while at the same time keep in touch with your friends, colleagues and UACS academic staff.

As a member of the UACS Alumni group you will have the opportunity to be part of a lecture conducted by proven specialist in attractive subject and topic.
The Alumni Association seeks to meet the needs of the graduates by providing social, intellectual and business opportunities throughout the year and ways to remain in touch with UACS. 

We invite you to become active and stay connected to the UACS Alumni Association by getting involved.
Please join us and be a part of the many UACS events happening on a regular basis.  Below are social events from some of our Alumni Association gatherings:

- Annual Alumni Luncheons
- Class Reunions
- Sporting Events
- Networking

- Continuing Education
- Symposiums
- Conferences
- Panel Discussions