Dear Alumni Fellows,

Thank you very much for giving me chance to address first president’s speech. As an UACS graduate you have the benefit of a unique educational experience that has tested your intellectual rigor and helped you to develop a range of new and competitive skills.  The idea for creation of UACS Alumni is to keep the link between the UACS graduates and the University.

As alumni members we share common values and goal of achieving a better future for all of us. We help each other to support our degree with pride and exemplarity.

Our main goals are:

·         To create strong “brand name” and to uphold the reputation UACS alumni,

·         To increase the perceived values of each alumnus,

·         To strengthen the relationship ties within our network,

·         To IncreaseUniversity reputation in the business community as a critical for student’s successful carrier development.

Our mission is to foster alumni interest and support of the University programs and activities by encouraging intellectual and emotional ties between members and their University

We are making a difference!

We are creating the future!

Join UACS alumni network and become a part of a new order of intellectual and academic network

Igor Hristov
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